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    Faced with a new year of moving the mountains of oppression, those needing a boost will find refuge in Freedom , part of the annual faculty concert presented by the IU Contemporary Dance Program.

"The piece was inspired with my intense frustration with world leaders and their belief that they must role the destiny of the world," said George Pinney, professor of stage movement and musical theater and one choreographer of the recital, "New Frontiers / Contemporary Traditions."

    To tackle the project, Pinney enlisted the help of Seoul fashion designer and IU visiting scholar, Kihyang Lee. "The approach to the dance is Zen in nature, which coincides with kihyang's approach to costume design," Pinney said "Our philosophies are very similar, making for a wonderful collaboration.

"we met at the annual theater department banquet last spring and struck up an immediate kinship in our art," he continued." The dance concert turned out to be the perfect project to collaborate."

Lee first visited IU 25 years ago , while a student at Chicago's School of the Art Institute. She fell in love then. "Bloomington is so culturally aware," Lee said "Indiana University is so international." As an IU student, Lee is taking five classes; stage management, lighting Design, costume history, makeup and, fittingly  collaborative research. 

    As an associate professor in the Department of Fashion Design & Business at Korea's Hansung University, Lee produced a theater work. "Out of the thousands of Buddhist writings, I took one and personalized it. while creating the piece, I realized it was not enough. I needed more movement, more power, more light. So I am very happy to get to explore stage art as a whole."

    The Zen of collaboration continues between Lee, who is designing the production's costumes, and Scott Burgess Jones is a freelance artist, choreographer , and costume designer originally from the East Coast. He has an MFA in costume design and co-founded Bloomington's A Dance of Love: An AIDS Benefit, "serving as artistic director and producer for nine years. He has designed for Ball State University, The Phoenix Theater in Indi , and for the premiere production of Love Child in Chicago , for which he was nominated for the 2002 Black Excellence Award.

"Scott is so wonderful" , Lee said "He has introduced me to new types of material. I am learning so much from him. I was nervous about this project, however, Scott is supportive, resourceful and kind."

Jones' background in dance has proven vital. "He knows body movement, he understands the needs of the dancer, where I have only my drawings, my ideas," Lee said of Jones, who , as a staff of one , has been pulling all-nighters to make sure deadlines are met.

    Nominated for a 2001 choreography Tony for Broadway's Blast!, Pinney received an Emmy for outstanding choreography for the PBS broadcast of the hit. He has directed and /or choreographed more than 100 productions for regional and university theaters and directs the IU broadway Cabaret. And for additional inspiration attend the faculty concert, a rare treat: 

    "The concert is in its fourth year," Pinney said "I am one of the faculty choreographers, same as in the past. Though, this year, I am dancing." But  only for the Friday performance. In truest collaboration, IU student Codey Girten, a musical-theater major junior , performs the role on Thursday.

    조지 피니 교수는 올해로 4년 째 열리는 “시대의 전통을 일구는 새로운 개척자들“ - 인디아나 대학 현대 무용 콘서트 - 를 위해 서울에서 온 방문교수 이기향과 공동 작업을 한다.  자신이 과거에 체험했던 어두운  좌절의 시기를 작품화한 조지 피니교수는 뮤지컬을 위한 스테지 움직임, 뮤지컬 디렉팅 등을 가르치는 베테랑 안무가이다. 

    “ FREEDOM에 흐르는 젠 사상은 이교수의 작품 철학인 불교 사상과 일치합니다.   우리 두 사람의 사상적 배경이 비슷하기 때문에 그야말로 멋진 공동 작품이 될 것입니다.  지난 봄 연극대학 후원의 밤에 함께 이야기를 나누며 예술적 공감대를 형성할 수 있었기 때문에 댄스 콘서트야말로 이를 실현하는 훌륭한 자리가 될 거라 생각했지요.”

    시카고 미술대 재학 시절 IU를 방문한 적이 있는 이 교수는 이미 인디아나대학에 흐르는 문화적 향기에 좋은 인상을 받은 바 있다.  100% 학생으로 변신한 그는 가을 학기에 들어 무대경영, 조명디자인, 무대복식사, 무대분장실습, 그리고 무대 미술공동연구 프로젝트 등 5개의 과목을 수강하고 있다. 이 교수는

한성대학교, 패션산업학과에  몸담고 있으면서 한편으로는 열정적인 무대 예술 생산자이기도 하다.  “불교 경전을 읽고 나의 이야기로 다시 쓴 각본을 옷으로 해석한 후 메세지의 전달력을 높이는 새로운 매체, 새로운 모델을 찾고 있어요.  인디아나 연극대학과 같은 훌륭한 작업의 현장에 와서 학습의 기회를 갖는 다는 것은 참 행운이죠”

2001년 브로드웨이에 출품한 ‘블라스트’의 안무로 토니상에 지명되고, PBS방송 방영으로 에미상을 받은 바 있는 피니교수는 그동안 100여회가 넘는 안무지도를 해 왔으며 인디아나 대학 무대에 브로드웨이에서 열광적 인기를 누렸던 ‘캬바레’를 올리기도 했다.  이런 그가 대학 교수콘서트에 선다는 것 --- 흔치 않은 기회이다.

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